""Welcome to the site of Meridiana Italia" "

Meridiana Italia is a consulting firm which provides technical assistance to Bodies and institutions in the management of European projects in the whole territory of Italy and the EC. It has its operational offices in Rome, Naples, Potenza and Pescara.
Meridiana Italia' s main working fields are: technical assistance with planning, managing, evaluating and monitoring programs and projects financed by European and national Structural Funds, consultancy and assistance with innovation and local development projects at European level, and cross-border cooperation projects.

Its assistance and consulting approach is based on both technical/scientific and guiding actions, supply of the background of studies and research needed for best managing Operational Programs, and the proposal and implementation of the tools and procedures an Administration needs in order to ensure appropriate implementation conditions.



Meridiana Italia is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for its activities of planning and supply of Technical Assistance services to the P.A. with managing, monitoring, controlling and evaluating European Structural and cohesion funds.